Bilingual School


ICI is a private educational institute offering an integrated education in a secure, friendly and stimulating environment with Christian values.

The school´s main objective is that the students acquire the skills, knowledge and strong convictions necessary for life and to influence society positively, therefore it focuses on the student´s physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual needs.

Respect, responsibility and discipline are highly valued at ICI, as well as constant communication with the parents.

The school is situated in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, near the border with Brazil and Argentina.

For our school, these pillars serve as the solid foundation for the development of an upright character.

Biblical principles and values

´´Where then does wisdom come from? Where does understanding dwell? God understands its way, and He knows its place.´´ –


The Bible

Proverbios 8:11 “Mejor es la sabiduría que las piedras preciosas…”


Dirección: Cnel. Félix Cabrera y Los Naranjos, Barrio Boquerón 2, Ciudad del Este

Línea baja 061 518731
Línea alta: 021 338 9458
Cel. / Whatsapp: 0983 133 295

Para más información, comunícate a
0983 133 295.

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